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The sexy pint sized Maid is eager to put the new addition to the stable through her paces. The ultimate in humiliation, Miss Hybrid Riding Mistress is bridled and made to prance around the cobbled courtyard. The handyman, not far away gets a good view of her bouncing tits. Lead to the stables she is fondled by the horny maid…
Hybrid is left tethered by her mouth-bit in a corner of the stable, pussy rings padlocked shut. The ever horny maid is eager for more frolics in the hay and entices the well-endowed, mucky farm hand in. She encourages Riding Mistress to watch her have her tight little pussy eaten and fucked. She is bent over and given a thoroughly good seeing too. Not content with having just one woman he spurts over Miss Hybrid’s huge tits….


Riding Mistress

Riding Miss Hybrid


Riding Miss Hybrid

Miss H pops her head around the door and calls out to me “I’m just going out for a quick canter. I’ll be an hour or so”. I hear the sound of her riding boots on the marble hallway as she walks off toward the stables and I turn back to my paperwork. After 10 minutes or so, I have two letters ready to go, just awaiting Miss H’s signature. I check the clock and notice that there is only 30 minutes before the postman comes to pick up the mail for the day. No chance of meeting today’s post then, unless I can catch her before she actually leaves. I haven’t heard the horse yet, so there may still be a chance.

I quickly slip the letters into a folder and pick up a pen before running out to the stables. As I enter, I can hear heavy breathing and a distinctive slurping sound. I quietly make my way towards the sound coming from one of the stalls. There is a knot hole in the wall of the stall, and I look through to see Phil, one of the stable hands, looking towards the ceiling with a look of absolute bliss on his face. As my gaze drops, I can see Miss H on her knees in front of him, her blouse open and her full round tits pulled up over her bra. She has one hand cupping his balls, and the other slowly stroking a massive hard on – he is huge, at least 9 inches and an impressive girth.


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Stable sex

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